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  • Hassle-Free Domain Migration

    Experience a smooth transition as our expert team guides you through the entire domain transfer process.
  • One-Click Transfer Initiation

    Initiate your domain transfer with just one click, making the process convenient and efficient.
  • Zero Downtime Transition

    Enjoy uninterrupted online presence during the domain transfer process, ensuring your website remains accessible.
  • Personalized Transfer Assistance

    Our dedicated transfer support team ensures personalized assistance at every step of the migration journey.
  • Email Forwarding Continuity

    Maintain uninterrupted email communication with our seamless email forwarding continuity during the transfer.
  • Transfer Authorization Transparency

    Gain clarity on the transfer authorization process as we guide you through the necessary steps.
  • Personalized Domain Setup

    Our team assists in configuring DNS settings post-transfer to ensure your website operates optimally.
  • Zero Hidden Fees

    Rest assured with transparent pricing – no hidden fees or unexpected charges during the domain transfer process.
  • Complete Ownership Control

    Once the transfer is complete, enjoy full ownership control over your domain settings and configurations.
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Any Questions?

Is there a fee for transferring a domain to Networklegion?

While there's usually no fee for the transfer itself, domain renewal for an additional year may apply, extending your domain's expiration

What is an EPP/authorization code, and how do I obtain it for a transfer?

The EPP code is a transfer authorization code provided by your current registrar; you'll need it to initiate the domain transfer.

How long does a domain transfer to Networklegion usually take?

Domain transfers typically take 5 to 7 days to complete, but the duration can vary depending on your current registrar.

Can I transfer my domain to Networklegion if it's locked?

You'll need to unlock your domain with your current registrar before initiating a transfer to Networklegion.

Do I need to have an active hosting account with Networklegion to transfer a domain?

No, you can transfer a domain to Networklegion without an active hosting account; domain and hosting are separate services.

What happens if my domain transfer is declined?

If a domain transfer is declined, it's often due to an incorrect authorization code; verify the code and try again.

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