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Hosting Plans

Is shared hosting suitable for beginners?
Are there any limitations with shared hosting?

Shared hosting might have limitations on resources like bandwidth and storage, as they are shared among multiple websites on the same server.

What kind of support is available for shared hosting customers?

NetworkLegion provides 24/7 customer support via various channels to assist shared hosting customers with any issues or questions they may have.

Is email hosting included in shared hosting plans?

Yes, shared hosting plans typically include email hosting with features like email accounts, forwarding, and spam filters.

Can I use my own domain with NetworkLegion's shared hosting?

Yes, you can use your own domain with NetworkLegion's shared hosting plans.

Do you offer website migration assistance for shared hosting customers?

Yes, NetworkLegion offers migration assistance to help you seamlessly move your existing website to their shared hosting platform.

Do I have access to a control panel for managing my shared hosting account?

Yes, NetworkLegion provides a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage various aspects of your shared hosting account.

Why should I choose WordPress web hosting over regular hosting?

WordPress web hosting is tailored for optimal WordPress performance, including speed, security, and compatibility.

What happens if my business website experiences a sudden surge in traffic?

Our business hosting is equipped to handle traffic spikes, and you can upgrade your plan to accommodate increased visitors.

Is PCI compliance included with e-commerce hosting?

Our e-commerce hosting provides a secure environment that can assist in achieving PCI compliance, but it's important to configure your online store correctly as well.


How can I set up custom DNS records for my registered domain?
Do you offer domain locking security to prevent unauthorized transfers?

Yes, domain locking is often available to add an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Can I transfer my domain to Networklegion from a non-accredited registrar?

Domain transfers are usually possible from non-accredited registrars; contact our support team for assistance.

Can I update my registered domain's contact information later?

Yes, you can often update your domain's contact information through our domain management interface.

What happens to my registered domain if I change my email address?

Keeping your contact information up to date is crucial; you can usually update your email address through the domain management interface.

Is domain privacy protection available during the transfer process?

Domain privacy protection can usually be set up post-transfer, ensuring your personal information remains secure.

Can I transfer multiple domains at once to Networklegion?

Yes, you can often initiate the transfer of multiple domains together using our bulk transfer option.

Do I need to notify my current registrar before initiating a transfer?

It's not mandatory to notify your current registrar, but it's recommended to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Is there a waiting period after a domain transfer before I can manage it with Networklegion?

After the transfer is complete, you can usually manage your domain immediately using Networklegion's domain management tools.

Can I transfer my domain to Networklegion if it's under a client's name for a project?

Yes, you can transfer domains that belong to clients or projects to Networklegion; ensure you have the necessary permissions.

VPS Hosting

Is scalability available with VPS hosting plans?
Can I choose my preferred operating system with VPS hosting?

Absolutely, VPS hosting allows you to select the operating system that aligns with your requirements and familiarity.

Is VPS hosting suitable for resource-intensive applications?

Yes, VPS hosting can handle resource-intensive applications, offering dedicated resources for optimal performance.

What kind of technical expertise is required for unmanaged VPS hosting?

Unmanaged VPS hosting requires a higher level of technical expertise as you are responsible for server management and configurations.

Is VPS hosting suitable for high-traffic websites?

Yes, VPS hosting's dedicated resources make it well-suited for high-traffic websites that require consistent performance.

What level of customization is possible with Control Panel VPS hosting?

You can customize software, settings, and configurations to a certain extent through the control panel.

Do you offer managed Control Panel VPS hosting?

Yes, we provide both managed and unmanaged Control Panel VPS hosting options to cater to different levels of technical expertise.

Is Control Panel VPS hosting suitable for developers?

Yes, developers can benefit from the control panel's convenient software installation and management features.

Can I update software from the control panel?

Yes, you can often update server software directly from the control panel, ensuring you have the latest features and security patches.

Is SSL integration available with Control Panel VPS hosting?

Yes, you can often integrate SSL certificates through the control panel to secure your websites.

Dedicated Servers

How does dedicated server hosting handle sudden traffic spikes?
Is dedicated server hosting suitable for gaming applications?

Yes, dedicated server hosting is ideal for hosting gaming applications due to its dedicated resources and low latency.

What happens if my dedicated server experiences hardware failures?

We provide hardware replacement services to quickly address any hardware failures and minimize downtime.

Can I upgrade my dedicated server's resources in the future?

Yes, you can easily upgrade resources like RAM, storage, and CPU to accommodate growth.

Do you offer backup and disaster recovery options for dedicated server hosting?

Yes, backup and disaster recovery solutions are available to ensure data protection and quick recovery in case of unexpected events.

Can I install my own security measures on a dedicated server?

Absolutely, you can implement additional security measures on your dedicated server to reinforce its protection.

Is managed dedicated server hosting available 24/7?

Managed dedicated server hosting often includes 24/7 monitoring and support to address any issues promptly.

Can I migrate my existing website to a dedicated server?

Yes, we offer website migration assistance to seamlessly move your existing website to our dedicated server hosting.

What happens if I need assistance with server management?

Our dedicated server hosting often includes managed options with expert assistance for server management, configurations, and troubleshooting.

Can I set up virtualization technology on a dedicated server?

Yes, you can often implement virtualization technologies like VMware or Hyper-V on dedicated servers for optimal resource utilization.


How can I pay for Networklegion services?
Are there any setup fees for Networklegion services?

We strive to provide transparent pricing, and most of our services have no setup fees.

Is there a trial period for Networklegion services?

While we may not offer free trials, we provide a money-back guarantee within a specified period for most of our services.

What is your refund policy for Networklegion services?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee within a specified period, allowing you to request a refund if you're not satisfied with our services.

Do you offer discounts for long-term commitments?

Yes, we often provide discounts for customers who choose longer billing cycles.

What currency are Networklegion services billed in?

We often offer billing in various major currencies, allowing you to choose the one most convenient for you.

Do you offer prorated refunds for canceled services?

Yes, our refund policy often includes prorated refunds for canceled services within the specified guarantee period.

Do you offer customizable billing options for specific needs?

We strive to accommodate specific needs whenever possible; please contact our support team to discuss custom billing options.

Can I pay for multiple services in a single invoice on Networklegion?

Yes, you can often combine multiple services into a single invoice for convenience.

Can I pause or suspend my Networklegion services temporarily?

Temporary suspensions may be possible for certain services; please contact our support team for details.

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